When you last heard from Joe and Todd, the event world, and the world in general, had turned upside down.  No one was quite sure what the next day would bring. Then the next week. The next month. Now here we are rounding the corner of another year. The only constant it seems, is staying super flexible, learning to love dry erase boards and white-out, and having a plan B. Maybe a plan C. Plus coffee and chocolate.  Lots of coffee and chocolate.

Many of you have reached out to see how we are holding up and what business looks like on our end of things. First off, Wow – Thank you! Your encouragement, support and business inspire us – the folks that are in the business of inspiration.

RumbleDrum is doing great! Moving into our fifth year (how can that be?!) as a luxury guest experiences company, we are successful and growing. We love partnering with our Tulsa clients, we’re doing more projects with incredible organizations in Oklahoma City and we’ve put down some exciting roots in Northwest Arkansas. We love you, Bentonville!

We’ve added additional creatives to our team who have adopted the RumbleDrum rallying cry, “Let’s do something amazing!” Led by Joe and Todd, the team is energetic, intelligent and a well-oiled problem-solving machine. Like Joe and Todd, they are fun and funny. Friends and clients who know us best, know that sharing laughter together is part of the secret sauce that makes RumbleDrum what it is.

Guest experiences that inspire are what RumbleDrum is all about. A mash-up of out-of-the-box creativity plugged into innovation and opportunity means our team could (dreaded word alert) “pivot”  to keep delivering incredible guest experiences, including some live events and  as needed, engaging virtual events.  Whatever shape or size events are taking, Joe and Todd seek ways to level up with unexpected surprises, artful touches, and an ultra luxurious vibe.

“In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity,” a quote attributed to Albert Einstein, sums up other RumbleDrum projects that opened up new avenues of success. Designing and producing COVID messaging signage, full scale logistical planning, design and implementation for mask/sanitation stations, testing environments, and vaccine sites, has expanded our capabilities in new ways.

So here we are at the intersection of Success and Growth.  Meet us here. Whether you want to chat, ask questions, or share a cup of coffee, or a piece of chocolate, we want to connect with you. Just send us an email.  

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