RumbledDrum’s goal is to create a space to share what’s on our minds in regards to creativity, guest experiences, events and other design projects. Our space will showcase ideas from leaders in our industry, as well as designers we admire.

When Todd and I first became friends, his work as an architect intrigued me. I am one of those people that admires buildings and design; however, Todd’s eye for detail goes to a whole new level. I told someone that I used to think I was a detailed person, but I think I was wrong. Todd also has the unique ability to see the big picture first.  His big picture thinking has brought great things to our company.

Finding creative designers inspires me. It is fun to me to try and imagine what someone was hoping for or thinking of when they created their latest work. I’ve spent my life wandering through museums, clothing stores and thumbing through magazines trying to get inside the mind of the artist. I suppose that is why the recent surge of personal blogs, videos and television shows where you can see designers working and hearing their thoughts are especially appealing to me.

One of my recent addictions is the AD tours of celebrity homes called Open Door. Architectural Digest goes on a home-owner guided tour and creates these short videos that eventually make their way to YouTube. One of my favorites is “Inside Shay Mitchell’s Mediterranean-Inspired Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest”

Ms. Mitchell’s interior designer friend, Chad Wood, tells about why they chose certain elements and unique finds to make this house a home. I would encourage you to watch it, but you may end up joining my addiction of watching the entire series.

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