Today’s events place a new level of emphasis on environmental design and sustainability.

The RumbleDrum team can design any environment imaginable.  If you are looking for an event management company that can navigate requirements from the fire marshall, ADA requirements when it comes to the layout of your space, or sustainability components, give us a call.

Your environmental design requirements may be giving you headaches, but our team excels at bringing solutions to the table.

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Lighting & Sound

Audio & Visual is often the last thought for many event planners. Not for us! We know that sights and sounds shape the environment and the experience. We'll help to make sure that your event is fully prepared for both great lighting, visual and great sound.

Space Design

There is a right way to set up a room and a wrong way. We're here to help you properly evaluate your event space and design accordingly for safety, ADA, fire, and sound ordinances!


Not every venue space has the right furniture, tables, chairs, or staging elements. We go above and beyond to stage and style your event to fit your goals, themes, and priorities. We'll even bring in props, centerpieces, and special decorations to fit with the theme, colors, and room.


Want to add a deeper dimension to your event? No problem! We often use flowers and floral decorations to bring an additional element of beauty and color.


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