Script Writing

You’ve got the perfect event venue, gorgeous centerpieces, a mouth-watering menu… Make sure you’ve made time to talk about the timing, flow and what will be said during your event.

Creating a script that communicates key messages, aligns with the run of show and moves your audience through the evening is vital to a successful event. RumbleDrum script writers are thorough.  Our writers research an organization’s purpose and history, write in the vernacular of the speakers and make sure that the correct tone is set.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for clients to tell us,  “Well we had something written down, but we like what you’ve produced so much better.”

Call us about your scriptwriting or speech needs. We’re never at a loss for words.











Videography Scripting

Lights, camera, action.... now what?! If you have a video shoot, it's best to go in well prepared for what you're going to say and the message you're going to send. We'll help you script your story, your message, or your body language to ensure an easy delivery and a clear message is conveyed.

Speech Scripting

Public speaking for an event is no joke, nor is it for the faint of heart. We can help give you an added boost by guiding your team through building a speech. From jokes to cadence, to transitions, to closings, we'll outline your message together and rehearse with you to ensure your core messages are heard clearly by your audience.


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