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Planning an event? Before you do anything, determine the goal of your event: What exactly do you hope to accomplish? Are you sharing an idea, training, raising money, networking, launching a product or…?  With your desired outcome in mind, RumbleDrum can develop a concept geared towards achieving your ultimate goal.

You can have confidence that we can establish the right “look” of what your guests see when they walk through the door, create the most effective ambience, and use innovative methods to present content.

Perhaps the event environment calls for creating a larger than life artistic entry, custom event panels projected on the walls or maybe it’s building an entire set that transforms the venue to take your guests to another space and time.

Bring your goals, your dreams and imagination!  Call us to talk about how we can help you be successful.











Set Design

We often think of creative set designs to help bring a room or stage to life. From beautiful lighting to artistic chandeliers, we do whatever it takes to bring a special WOW factor to your event.


No event is complete without clear messaging and signage to direct your guests. We'll design and craft signage that compliments your event style and communicates effectively.


Do you have a stage or a place for taking pictures? If so, what kind of backdrop do you have? We can help you design the perfect layering for your event so that no wall is bare and no stage is empty.


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