Social Events

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, board dinner or a fun get-together, planning social events can be overwhelming. Have you ever hosted an event and looked back to realize that you never sat down, or ate, or talked with your favorite guests?  We like to say that your role is to enjoy the event, our role is to work tirelessly behind the scenes to make you look good.

Sure, we know how to select beautiful fabrics and design jaw-dropping backdrops, but where we really shine on your behalf is how we graciously maneuver the tough aunt and her opinions and the awkward seating of blended families at a wedding, keeping your keynote speaker on track and on time at a large scale gala,  managing the wait staff, organizing smooth registration for 500+ guests and stealthily trouble-shooting the issues that inevitably arise.

It’s no cliche – we go the extra mile.

You want an event experience that is a smashing success, whether it’s dollars raised, employees appreciated, or a luxury wedding experience. You can count on RumbleDrum to deliver the wisdom, professionals and attention to detail that make it happen.











Birthday Parties

We love birthdays! We can make any birthday feel special by providing the perfect environment for the celebration complete with decoration, entertainment, food, and more!

Board Meetings

Too often an executive meeting is boring and stale. We'll help you design a space for your team to meet and enjoy themselves as you cover your important business.

Anniversary Celebrations

Anniversary celebrations and milestones are so special. We can help you make your anniversary romantic and magical by taking a creative approach and designing your party around your personality and your life together.


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