Event Planning

You’ve just been put in charge of your company’s event. What thoughts are running through your mind? Stress? Where to begin? Goals? Venue? Budget? Timing? What’s a BEO? We’ve never done this before. We’ve done this before and need to top last year’s event. Can we do a hybrid of virtual and in-person?

At RumbleDrum’s core, we love to plan and execute amazing events. It’s what we live for. From the creation of the idea and the look and feel of what your guests experience to taking care of all of the details, RumbleDrum is positioned to design, plan and manage all of the needs of your event. Some clients have specific needs that their team finds challenging—that’s what we specialize in—coming in to join your team to “take the headaches away.

Whether it’s wrangling volunteers, rescuing registration, fixing a wedding dress, or moving a semi-truck indoors,  we invite you to put us to work on your gala, board retreat, product launch or dinner party.

Call RumbleDrum the antidote to event planning stress. You will be able to perform your role while we stand behind you doing ours.  

No need to put it off any longer. Call us so we can do something amazing together!











Venue Selection

Your event starts with the location. Will it have enough room? Will it have good parking? Will it have enough bathrooms? What about hotel rooms? We'll help you cover these bases and select the perfect venue for your event.


The perfect event always has an amazing presentation of food, drinks, and desserts. We'll help you select caterers, design menus, hire an amazing service team, and have your guests talking about how delicious your food was.

Decor and Design

From the moment your guests arrive at your event we want to transport them to an environment of energy, refreshment, and fun. We'll help you select a theme and design the environment to match your stylistic preferences. We'll bring in props, centerpieces, lighting, sound, visual cues, and more to ensure a special atmosphere.


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