10 Ways To Get More Business


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1 – Expand and carefully maintain your network

Meet lots of people

See everyone as a potential client or potential reference

Keep a good database and mailing list, keep up with marriage status and employment status

Be a connector of people

Use Facebook to your advantage to build your friend list

Maintain relationships with industry peers

2 – Expand your services, diversify

Be open to taking on work even if you are just going to outsource the work to a trusted vendor

It builds your relationship with your client when you say “yes”

One of our largest clients came from saying yes to a crazy request for table cloths

Our mindset of We will do anything for money

3 – Narrow your services – specialize

The flipside of diversifying

“The riches are in the niches” John Bunn

4 – Expand your services to your existing clients

Capitalize on your relationship with your existing clients and make sure they know what you do

5 – Leverage existing vendor relationships

Be their favorite client – because they will recommend their favorite client

6 – Market to targeted list of potential clients

Make a list of clients you would love to have

Start hitting them from all angles like mailings, connect on social media, building relationships

Stay in front of them looking for an opportunity to connect and eventually an opportunity will come

Story of putting a dream client on our target list. We started asking around about them and started meeting people who were working with them and eventually got a call from a PR company asking us to help them on an event for the company.

7 – Increase your visibility

If people can’t find you they are not going to call you

Greeting Cards

Social Media – we hired a social media consultant who put us on the map – literally – on Google Maps

Mash-up luncheons – getting together with a variety of industry partners to introduce them to eachother.

Industry Organizations

8 – Let your current clients know that you want more clients like them

If you want more clients like the ones you have then tell them

9- Do free work for influential individuals

Story of popular music industry person’s new event planner

Consider offering free services to a strategically influential person

We tried this and it was highly successful. They are great advocates for our company now.

Be up front and honest with them and let them know what you are doing and why.

“Celebrities like free things.”

Be careful to protect those influential people. If you don’t they can influence people in the wrong way.

10 – Make yourself findable

Yellow Pages

Google search

Facebook, Instagram

Send a thank you note or flowers or a thank you gift to committee members and include your contact information


  1. Red Ocean Strategy vs Blue Ocean Strategy of Marketing
  2. Be careful about poaching clients from your competition
  3. Don’t undercut the competition

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