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Joe and Todd discuss Fundraising with with one of the experts, Kent Stroman.

Kent is a Certified Fund-Raising Executive and the author of Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraisingand The Intentional Board: Why Your Board Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It.

S2 E24 Talking Fundraising with Kent Stroman 

1.    Kent Stroman, Certified FundraisingExecutive (CFRE), Founder of the Institute for Conversational Fundraising,author of Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of ConversationalFundraising and The Intentional Board: Why your Board Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It.  Contact Kent at Stroman and Associates, or

2.    People are generous.

3.    Passion matters.

4.    Success comes from relationships.

5.    In order to do our best work, we have to be equipped.

6.    One of the biggest challenges we face is leadership.

7.    Navy SEALS quote: “Under pressure you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to your level of training.”

8.    When uncertainty finds us, leadership is crucial. What flows out of that is confidence, and confidence leads tooptimism.  Organizations need people whohave a pre-stamped pass with permission to lead.

9.    Lean into experience, preparation, education, training, disposition and humility to make decisions.

10.  When we know better, we do better.

11.  The worst reason to have an event is just to have an event.

12.  The value of a big public event is exposure. By its very nature it demands attention. It provides clarity. It creates enthusiasm.

13.  We do a disservice by teaching generations that fundraising is transactional and deals with something that’s overpriced. It becomes an obligation.

14.  True philanthropy is where the giver has a heart that’s fully of joy because they did something that made a difference in an area that they’re passionate about.


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