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1) Whatever it takes mentality

2) Getting started — earned a Mechanical Engineering Degree

3) Toilets have to work perfectly at an event.

4) How has COVID effected your business model?
a) More demand for running water and soap, not just hand sanitizer.
b) VIP units were primarily for special events but COVID has created a much higher demand for these.
c) At Rocklahoma we usually have about 900 restrooms. It takes us a month to deploy them. Of course, none of the usual events happened this year — Tulsa Tough, Mayfest etc.
d) We have started delivering for more private events — families wanting an outdoor restroom while their kid’s friends come over for a party, etc.

5) How do you determine what you need for portable restrooms for an event?
a) What is the layout? Do we have access to set up the restrooms at any time?
b) What is the timing of set up?
c) Is there a bar? This really effects the number of restrooms needed.
d) Use a professional who knows what they are doing.
e) Recommend doing a pre-production meeting to iron out issues between vendors ahead of time.
f) One issue that comes up often is: “How do we hide the restrooms?” — but don’t be too anxious to hide the restrooms because people need to know there are restrooms to help them feel comfortable buying more drinks or staying longer.

6) Hand sanitizer stations are a huge trend.
a) Deployed 30 hand sanitizer stands for Juneteenth event.
b) Now construction sites all want them — couldn’t give them away for free in the past.
c) Indoor handwashing stations
d) Stations have a clean and have a gray-water storage area.
e) Recommended location is in a washable area.
f) Water-free hand sanitizing stations are best for this application.

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