Securing the Business Part 1: Proposals


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Story: Example

  • Writing a proposal
  • When to continue to work with clients you know and when to cut off a freeloader.
  • Learn as much as you can about the event on the phone before your first meeting
  • For a corporate client, do your research
  • Google search them
  • What are their strengths, weaknesses
  • If a bride
  • Where do they come from and what are their expectations
  • Get dates, times, places
  • Get scope of services
  • Ask why they have called us
  • First meeting
  • Understand who the decision makers area
  • Previous events – strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand culture and climate
  • Discuss budget
  • Observe details
  • Even on a Zoom call you can pick up subtle hints
  • Can often pick up budget hints without asking questions
  • Know why they are having the event
  • What are their headaches
  • Why are they hiring us?
  • Gather enough information to walk away and write a proposal
  • Proposal
  • Email us and we would be happy to share an example of our typical proposal with you
  • Communicate that we understand the client and their needs – we include one whole page about the client and include their mission statement and contact information
  • Talk about ourselves and our capabilities
  • Scope description
  • Fee
  • How do we come up with a fee?
  • Give price level options
  • Delete scope if you have to but don’t reduce your feeWe like to communicate that we want longevity in our clients.
  • List previous client references – people
  • Also list previous event references
  • Our proposals are more formal because our clients tend to want the details in an exacting format but you may want to have some fun with your proposal.
  • Cut sheets – we include descriptions of our capabilities with each proposal because it’s a prime time to market yourself to the decisionmakers of the organization.
  • Presentation of proposal
  • We like to print on nice paper, maybe put it in a nice folder or even a cool box rather than just emailing.
  • Story –committee member showed up with a bad black and white copy of our proposal that looked terrible
  • We also like to present in person
  • Be on time with your proposal!
  • It’s your first impression
  • Story: just missing or misunderstanding a major event proposal deadline
  • Discuss preferred payment terms
  • All up front, half now, half the month of the event, monthly retainer, hourly etc.
  • Tell them you will draw up a contract and send it to them for review

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