Understanding Client Identity and Brand


Show Notes

1.Understanding client identity and brand is absolutely crucial in selling anything and doing anything worthwhile.

2.You need to immerse yourself into your client’s culture, understand who they are, how they speak, their mission, what colors they use, how they use their logo, how they interact with their employees, the services they provide.

3. When you work in branding and identity, sometimes you can see where the client needs to go. But, first you have to understand where they are to be able to take them there.

4. How do you learn about a client’s identity? You have to listen. You have to observe. Watch how they interact with other people, listen to the words they use and pay attention to how they’re using their brand and logo.

5. Style guides are a good way to see how companies use their logo and present their information.  They are a resource for checking on spellings, capitalization, colors, etc. Use a style guide to be consistent and make sure that everything looks professional.

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