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Joe and Todd sit down with entrepreneur and retailer Mary Beth Babcock. Mary Beth is well known for her love of Tulsa and creative retail endeavors. In 2018 she brought one of her biggest dreams to life when she transformed an empty 1950s PEMCO gas station into Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios, a must-see retail stop on Tulsa’s Route 66. Adding to her Route 66 roadside attraction is Buck Atom, a 21-foot-tall space cowboy Muffler Man.

S2 E25 An Interview with Mary Beth Babcock


1.    Mary Beth Babcock, entrepreneur, owner of BuckAtom’s Cosmic Curios and Buck Atom’s Cosmic Crash Pad, both on Route66 in Tulsa, OK. Follow Mary Beth and Buck on orInstagram @buckatomson66

2.    “I love to cheer for everyone. Not just one thing. Anything that’s positive, that uplifting for Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m all about it.”

3.    While working at Eskimo Joe’s in college, and watching Stan Clark’s passion for his company, Mary Beth developed a love of the retail business.

4.    Having previously owned a store in downtownTulsa, Mary Beth decided that she wanted to open a small business.

5.    She transformed an empty 1950s PIMCO gas station on Route 66 into Buck Atoms Cosmic Curios. Buck’s mission is to help revitalizeRoute 66.

6.    A 21-foot-tall Muffler Man, Buck Atom, is representative of the Muffler Men roadside attractions of the 1960s.

7.    If you have a creative vision you want to make reality, you have to be passionate about what you are doing, because it is not easy.

8.    When you tell people about what you want to do, it is motivating, because you know you have to follow through with what you’ve told them.

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