Making A Plan


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S2 E2 Making a Plan


1.    Each project is unique, and every event is different, so your planning process and technique will be different, but there is always a timeline, and always buy-in needed.

2.    After you have collaborated with your client, the next step is setting forth a blueprint for what the event, or project, is going to look like.

3.    For one client, Joe and Todd were tasked with creating an exhibit for a college. In developing their vision for the project, they used an empty room to set up artifacts and other objects to tell the story. It was a useful exercise; it showed them where items or parts of the story were missing or needed strengthening. It also gave them the opportunity to bring what was in their minds out into a real-life rough draft to share the concept with the client.

4.    With the pandemic, many plan presentations needed to move from in-person presentations to Zoom.

5.    One project involved a decades old commercial parking garage. A plan for the overhaul of all the signage created a safe feeling environment, a uniform appearance and function and a welcoming aesthetic.

6.    A written plan for a baby shower helped set expectations, communicated moving pieces and timelines, and made sure that all went according to plan.

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