That’s a Wrap


Show Notes

  1. Do you have trouble giving gifts? Giving gifts can be a love language (it’s one of Joe’s!)
  2. It’s good for everyone to to figure out how to give meaningful gifts. Especially in business.
  3. For creatives, there needs to be creativity in how we take care of our clients and how we think of them when it comes to gifts.
  4. If you’re a business, put purpose behind gift giving. You can set aside a certain amount toward gift giving. At RumbleDrum we send Birthday flowers and gifts. Christmas gifts are nice but they can get lost in the shuffle. Look for other opportunities during the year.
  5. Listen to your clients. Make connections and create memories with them through the gifts you choose for them.
  6. We like to surprise our clients with something that is unexpected. Flowers are a wonderful gift because they can be customize with color or other creative elements.
  7. Be thoughtful, but don’t give gifts to be manipulative. In fact, some industries have rules about receiving gifts. Gifts can be used in marketing, but be mindful.
  8. Create meaning by sharing your favorite things as gifts and include the backstory of each item. There’s a place for mugs and pins and company logos, but there’s also a place for other types of gifts that still make a connection.
  9. The book,  Giftology, by John Ruhlin provides great insight into gift giving.
  10. Gift boxes for clients can be creative and fun without breaking the bank.

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