Preparing Professional Proposals


Show Notes

1. How do you determine what to include in a proposal? Ask your client what they are looking for, what they want to accomplish, when do they need it.  

2. Make sure that you are meeting expectations. Check all the boxes.

3. Make sure your proposal represents you well.  The style should be current and modern. It should match your company’s identity and provide your capabilities.

4. Include information about the client, the company, their mission and the purpose of what they’re asking you to implement.

5. Proofread, proofread, proofread! Make sure everything is spelled correctly, including the client’s name, be sure you’re using the most current logo, colors, etc.

6. Be clear about what the proposal says about what’s included in the scope of work. Make sure you communicate what costs are includes and those that would be additional.

7. If you are going to a meeting, have your proposals professionally printed on nice paper and bound. Bring plenty of copies, including a copy for yourself that you can mark up and take back with you afterwards.

8. Depending on the client and project, proposals can be creative, such as a table scape that adds visual interest and creates an atmosphere or a performance. Things that add depth and memorable moments that are hard to capture just on paper.

9. If you are presenting your proposal, be sure to rehearse.

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