Hiring People to Make Us Look Good


Show Notes

Joe and Todd talk about the importance of hiring the right people to fulfill the roles for your project.

S2 E8 How to Hire People that Make You Look Good


1.    Sometimes creatives don’t see the same things as important that other people might.

2.    It’s important to look at the business aspect of being a creative and have people in place to do them – accounting, legal, etc.

3.    Try to see yourself as the client sees you. Be aware of how you appear.

4.    Hire people who help keep you organized and on time.

5.    Create a team of professionals who are on board with furthering the company and the company’s image.

6.    Hire people who value the things that you value and people with diverse perspectives.

7.    It is important to hire people with skills that complement your skill set and can supplement it or substitute.

8.    It is worth hiring support staff that enables you to focus on creativity.


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