New Creative Meets Experienced Creative


Show Notes

  1. Creative people inspire creative people. Talk to other creatives.
  2. Guest, full-time teacher Caryn Arnold has a vision to launch 18 Doll Street, custom built to to scale doll houses for 18 inch dolls. She has been working on the concept for years.
  3. Her interest was in response to her daughter’s obsession with 18 inch dolls and a desire to have a dollhouse for them. Caryn’s husband did the build, and Caryn designed the interior.
  4. She began a blog and posting her creative projects on Instagram and other social media.
  5. Her online presence led to her being contacted by HGTV magazine for an interview.
  6. Trying to establish a creative endeavor as a business while working a full-time “day job” is a lot of work!
  7. Tip from Joe and Todd:  If you’re a creative that’s starting out and doing projects for family and friends, you can still do an invoice for what the projects would have cost if it were being billed, and then zero it out for the “family and friends discount”. But, it gets you ready to show what your time and work are worth in the marketplace.
  8. Joe also recommends that you begin to think of your creative endeavor as a second job. Get a business card made. Begin to think of yourself as being in business.
  9. Todd encourages new creatives to develop their style and remain consistent with it.
  10. If you’re trying to establish your business and do work for friends, ask them to tell their friends and family about your work, especially if you have done something free or discounted – let them know they can help you  by recommending you!

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