Show Notes

  1. Setbacks can take many forms. It can be an interruption of a project income, it can be due to a natural disaster, computer crash or pandemic, or a client decides to stop doing an event.
  2. Life is full of setbacks. They are going to happen. You need to learn to deal with them.
  3. As a creative, setbacks are challenging. They can really devastate a creative. Creatives have highs that are high and lows that are low, and sometimes not much in between. Resist the urge to go away and hide.
  4. You need to prepare for setbacks, manage them and know what to do when they occur.
  5. The first step is to acknowledge that you’ve had a setback. Call it out, name it and talk about it.
  6. The next step is to ask yourself, “did I do something wrong to cause this?” Sometimes there is something you can do about it, and sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes a company just decides, we’re not going to do this event anymore.
  7. Some setbacks actually turn out to be a good thing that lead you in a new direction.
  8. Get encouragement from others when you experience a setback. You will learn that everyone has had setbacks!
  9. It’s worth repeating, that many creatives don’t want to share that there’s been a setback. It’s important to look for support from like-minded creatives who understand.
  10. Don’t confuse a setback with thinking you aren’t going to succeed. A setback doesn’t mean you should give up. It may mean to try a different direction.
  11. How do you minimize effects of a setback? Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Don’t rely on projections vs. actual business.
  12. One of the most important things that you can do in response to a setback is to get up, dust yourself off, and move on. For many creatives, that means do your next project. It may mean being able to transition into another area of what you do.
  13. Failure is an important part of success. It helps you recognize success. It helps you see new opportunities.
  14. Do not let a setback define you. Learn from it, figure out what to do, and move forward.

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