What Every Creative Needs to Stop Doing


Show Notes

1.Stop worrying about what other people think. There’s a time when you should listen to opinions, but there’s also a time when you shouldn’t listen to everyone.

2.Don’t copy what other people are doing. Look for ideas and inspiration, but don’t just do it because someone else did. Put your own spin on it and make it your own.

3. The comparison game is the most dangerous game out there. Create. Don’t be consumed by outside voices.

4. Stop trying to do it all yourself. Build a capable team, communicate your vision,  provide clear instructions and direction.

5. Creatives need to keep creating.  If you stop creating, you get stale and you stop thinking about how to create.

6. Don’t undervalue yourself. Make sure you acknowledge your own creative abilities. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about your creativity, value it and encourage you.

7. Creativity should not be complicated. It should not be hard. It it’s a good creative idea, it should be fun and it should flow.

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