Outsourcing: When to call the experts


Show Notes

S2 E1 When to Call in the Experts


1.    Everyone has their strengths, but you can’t do everything. Know when to call in a professional.

2.    Sometimes to grow a healthy business, you need to look around and see if there are work tasks that could be done by someoneelse, so you can focus on your own tasks.

3.    Decide which tasks to keep and which ones to outsource.

4.    Consider outsourcing things like legal services and accounting functions. Professionals know best practices and will make sureyou and your company are set up properly.

5.    Just because you know an amazing man who builds incredible treehouses, doesn’t mean you would hire him to build your actualhome. There are hobbyists and professionals.

6.    It’s admirable to want to be a good steward, but don’t be so frugal that you try to do everything yourself and end up making ita more difficult situation.

7.    It may be hard to let go of doing every thing, but it is worth it!

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